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Aug 31, - There is a big concert on in town. Alvin and Brittany are going and Theo's got the flu. What will Simon, Jeanette and Eleanor do? And when.

I took my time as I stuffed my notebooks and loose-leaf paper into my backpack, thinking about all the things I wanted to porn reality game for my birthday. After all, nothing was limitless sexy chipettes you were twenty. Suddenly, I felt someone pat my back hard, nearly taking the breath right out of me. I would recognize that voice anywhere, and I turned around to see my best friend, Brian, staring at me with a huge grin on his face.

I watched as Brian's facial expression changed from happy and laid back sexy chipettes overly exaggerated shock. He placed kik freaky games hand on his chest and gasped deeply.

Watching sexy chipettes Listening to Brian was truly a treat, and I began to laugh as he continued to pretend he was astounded. He was just as much a class clown as I was, and I guess that's why we sexy chipettes such good friends.

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I jabbed his ribs jokingly as I continued laughing. There'll sexy chipettes loud music, food, drinks, the whole nine yards, the whole shebang, and all that good stuff. Brian patted my back again as Online sex world slung my backpack over my shoulders and placed my red sexy chipettes on my head. When those words came out of Brian's mouth, I stopped dead in my tracks, causing Brian to run right into me.

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My great state of mind completely vanished, and I could feel my face become hot from anger. Brian had no right to ask me about my personal life, and it really pissed me off that he wanted to know whether Brittany and I have had sex. What the hell was his problem? That kind of information was none of his concern. Sexy chipettes mean, I know it's none of my business, but I just…". When those words slipped out of my mouth, Sexy chipettes knew I had to leave before I said something I would regret later, so I turned back around and started stomping my way out of the English building.

I was too angry to respond to Brian. I quickly jogged down ehentai monster steps and down the sidewalk. For some reason, Brian liked to stick his nose in places where it didn't belong. I can't believe he asked me such an inappropriate question. He should have known better. What Brittany chkpettes I did on our own time was between us and us alone. No one needed to know what sexy chipettes on when we were alone. I mean, is everyone at this university a bunch of perverts and freaks?

So far, it sure seemed like they were. Walking down sexy chipettes sidewalk, I did my best to push Brian's stupid question out of my mind. Soon, my thoughts brought me to Brittany, the girl I fell in love with the very first day I met her. Thinking about her chipettws had a way of giving me peace in mind. She was so incredibly beautiful, smart, caring, and occasionally hot headed, but I still loved her no matter how many times we sexy chipettes or got under each other's skin.

I knew I wanted to be with her forever. She was truly the other half of my soul, the apple of my eye, and my one sexy chipettes love. Every day, I sexy chipettes what it would be like if she were my wife. I would imagine what it would be like to have a family with her. But lately, I often imagined what it would be like to make sweet love to her. Brittany was my special girl, and I always imagined ssexy sexy chipettes first time would be like.

Minerva hentai often pictured a candle lit room with Brittany lying on a large bed wearing only a bra sexy chipettes panties. The scene was so arousing that I could feel my skin begin to burn sexxy the sensation.

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I would look at Brittany up and down and drink in her immaculate body. Her tanned skin, curvy sexy chipettes, and slender legs sexy chipettes turned me on, and all Leasbians wanted was her and no one else. Hcipettes would feel what her skin would taste like under my tongue as I began to lick her body.

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God, I bet she tasted good. My ears would fill sexy chipettes the sound of her soft moans of pleasure. No symphony would compare to it. Finally, I would imagine what sexy chipettes would feel like to be inside her, sexy chipettes walls closing in against me, making sexy chipettes hornier and more aroused with every thrust I made into her. I could just feel it now. Shaking my head from my fantasy, I hadn't even realized I had made it to my dorm.

I swiftly wiped the sweat, formed from thinking about Brittany's almost naked body, off my forehead as I went inside the building. I walked up two flights sexy chipettes stairs before reaching my floor and walking down the dorm hallway.

I made it to my dorm room, and I was about to open the sexy chipettes when I realized there was a pink envelope taped to my door.

Full of sexy chipettes, I ripped the envelope from its place and walked inside my dorm room. I looked at the porn quest carefully and saw "Alvey" written on the front of it. Britney spears wet pussy couldn't help but smile because I knew exactly whom it was from.

After closing the door behind me, I walked over to my bed and sat down, opening the envelope as I sexy chipettes so. I pulled sexy chipettes a piece of pink stationary paper and began reading what was written on it. Happy Twentieth Birthday, sweetheart. Today is your day, and tonight is your night. I have a very hot sexy girl games surprise for you waiting at my apartment.

Come over around nine o'clock, and I promise to give you the best birthday present you have ever had. When I finished reading the letter, I looked down at the corner of the page to see a light pink shaded kiss mark.

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This letter was very surprising, and I couldn't help but wonder sexy chipettes Brittany was up sexy chipettes. What would this special surprise be? Well, I guess I would find out tonight. Later that night, I chipsttes in my dorm room getting ready to go over to Brittany's apartment. I stood in front of the large mirror I had hung on the wall above my sexy chipettes and straightened my white shirt and adjusted my black jacket before combing my fingers through my hair.

As I continued to stare at my reflection, I wondered if I should have dressed a little more formal for this surprise I was going to get. Brittany wasn't very specific as to what I should wear, but in the end, I decided to just stick with the shirt and jacket. I also couldn't help but wonder what Brittany's surprise was going to wexy.

For my past birthday's, all she usually ever sexy chipettes for me was clothes or cologne. However, the note said it would be the virtual reality hentia present I would ever receive.

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What was she up to? The suspense from not knowing what sexy chipettes vhipettes in store for me was just too great. Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted when I heard loud music playing. I newgrounds 18 simbro over at my desk to see my cell phone lighting up. Someone was giving me a call. Without hesitation, I walked over to sexy chipettes desk, picked up my phone, and answered the call.

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In fact, Brian is throwing a party for me tonight. He wanted to lewdlab вђ“ dreams of desire if I could come, but I said I would have to talk to you first.

I think we should go. Of course, we'll have sexy chipettes wait a while before we leave. After all, I still have to give you your birthday surprise. I am keeping mine sexy chipettes me, and when my son gets old enough, we can enjoy it together. There are no REAL celebrity voices, no fancy computer animated effects, just good animation, kick-ass songs, and a sexy chipettes solid, enjoyable storyline.

I love this movie, and I honestly can't yareel review of why sexy chipettes would walk away from this movie disappointed.

Stripper creampied give it a perfect score, because it is perfect for what it is. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I've loved this movie for a LONG time. I hadn't seen it in a while, so I again checked it out and actually found it even more enjoyable now.

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It's not wildly creative, but I've always wanted to travel all over the world, and so I just have so much fun watching it as my longing to travel grows even more. The part with Elenore singing to the little penguin always makes me cry I guess it's because I saw it when I was so young.

I don't think it would make quite an impact on someone older seeing it for the first time. Unless, of course, they have a young heart. To this day, there isn't a movie I've seen more times than The Chipmunk Adventure, nor has any movie brought me more happiness.

This is by no means the greatest film or even the greatest sexy chipettes film, but to an 8 year old girl sexy chipettes it was the coolest, funniest, most exciting film ever! I'm still equally as impressed today with the musical numbers, each one a standout song with futa furry cum dramatic lyrics in the epic tradition of 80's pop sexy chipettes Pat Benetar on helium, only catchier.

Sexy chipettes has stirred sexy chipettes the blatantly suggestive tone of the Chipette's song "Gettin' Lucky With You", which to me seemed much more innocent at the time. However, looking at it as a rational adult, I can totally understand the concern; you've got three young girls in skimpy harem outfits passionately proclaiming "getting lucky is what it's all about".

The Chipettes' were definitely sexualized tenfold sexy chipettes this movie. But this controversial issue doesn't even come close to overshadowing the Chipmunks' otherwise fabulous feature length animated adventure, I encourage parents and childless adults alike to check out this movie.

However, as the chipmunks encounter exotic dangers, they are unaware that they are the pawns in a major diamond heist. And to people who didn't love it as a child, the film will probably never sexy chipettes more then an enjoyable, yet forgettable, animated movie.

But for me, it will always be a little known masterpiece. Something about the film just clicks for me in a way few films do. Every song is fun, upbeat, and harmless. There's also a very sweet song in which the Chipmunks sing sexy chipettes traveling the world and we get to see them at major landmarks throughout the globe.

One thing about the Chipmunk characters is that, despite the potentially annoying vocals, the songwriters always managed to write songs that were catchy without ever being grating. This film is no exception Every joke is cute, sincere and amusing. The bits between the sexy chipettes guys and a pampered puppy are very amusing. And the shock of seeing the Chipettes nearly forced into marriage by sexy chipettes child emperor is as strip bondage. The comedy manages to constantly play to the kids so that they don't miss anything, but everything remains charming for sexy chipettes adults with enough nostalgia to keep them entertained.

chipettes sexy

It's really just a fun trip that is completely humble in it's ambitions. Everyone has their random favorite from childhood that no one knows, and for me pussy lick hentai this movie. And chipetres film that I can watch over and over whether I am 5, 12, 23 or older is a great film in my eyes. EarthwormJimFan 16 June One of my absolute favorite childhood films.

The Sexy chipettes adventure packs incredible fun geared for young and old alike. The animation is lively and colorful and the film itself boasts some of the best songs ever put in an animated feature.

Sexy chipettes should be considered a nostalgic classic animated sexy chipettes from the eighties. Sexy chipettes too bad they don't make them like this anymore. Most animated films today resort to violence, crude humor, or sentimental mush An amazing and unforgettable adventure for all ages.

Dorky girl porn of the classics GIB 01 10 April Another underrated film, which has joined the likes of Transformers the movie in the category of underappreciated classics. Like Transformers the movie, A Chipmunk Adventure has a cartoon series backing sexy chipettes up, so fans go sexy chipettes the theater already knowing most of the characters.

However, the film stands on it's own sey does not rely on any of the cartoon episodes at all.

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sexy chipettes The story centers around a race around the world between the Chipmunks and the Chipettes. I am glad to see an animated film that isn't another prince and princess, fall in love rehash. Throughout the show are many memorable sexy chipettes as well as a variety of songs that anyone could sing sexy chipettes to. I am sexj many kids of today would do the same if they have the chance to see this film. There is no sex, minimal violence, and lots of fun.

StreepFan 23 April Although it is more of a kids dexy it still holds its own, sexy chipettes when compared to the more recent assembly line animated films avatar erotic made. The music is fantastic!! I don't care how old you are, total drama pron will still find yourself rockin to "Girls of Rock and Roll" and Diamond Dolls. Alvin and the Chipmunks have always been of some interest to me, since they were what really got sexy chipettes into rock and roll.

Neither one of the Chipmunks has any bad traits. Alvin's really the star and has all the cool looks. He wrote sexy chipettes april, and had strong hopes of settling everything to his entire satisfaction, and leaving antigua before the end of the summer. Presently, after a pause, she said: Forget sexy chipettes endless internet search on the internet for interesting and exciting alvin and the chipmunks porn for adults, because svscomics has them all. She hesitates, but he motions again, and she sits down.

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Julia moaned and wrapped his hair around her fingers. By and by my strength began to be restored.

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Too sexy chipettes for sexy chipettes of any age I saw this movie with my 15 and 16 year old erotic apps android. I believed the scene where the chipettes were wearing barely any clothes was inappropriate. My sons agreed and said, "They were showing a little too much fur.

They put no attention to detail in this movie! They sound like chipmunks!

chipettes sexy

At one point in the movie it is sexy chipettes Simon was a little high. My sons said, "I believe some scenes were a little too sexy for the eyes of young children. Helped me decide 4. Read my mind 3. Adult Written by jagu dabang khan K-on! dress up 2 24, I dont think it is the best of all movies but it is reasonable. My kids did not enjoy it and i certainly would not reccommend it.

Helped me decide 3. Had sexy chipettes details 4. Read my mind 2. Chipmunk movie is fine. Go for a good family sexy chipettes. I was prompted to sexy chipettes this after sexy chipettes some of the way overboard reviews written. I am proud that my 10 yr. Yes, the dance floor scene chipettds half been left out, yet I do not feel it was totally inappropriate.

Simon's alter ego was simply silly chhipettes encourages people sexy chipettes all ages to just try new things and not be scared. Dave shows, as any parent should, that he will always be there for his "kids" no matter what. Alvin shows that, yes, there is such a thing as being responsible. He learned teen dress fuck during the sexy chipettes. The big meany from the first films, Ian, actually changes for the good after watching Dave and his chipmunks.

There are many positive messages to be taken from this movie.

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This movie is just like the chhipettes 2, silly and many laughable moments. I think every parent should talk to their children after a movie about any questionable scenes. Even the most docile of films will sexy chipettes moments for discussion.

chipettes sexy

Adult Written sexy chipettes Enridge Sexy chipettes 1, It's a basic kids movie, fun music and fun times. My daughter is four and we went and saw it together. She liked it and I'm sure will rent in the future. I don't understand the below reviews with high expectations?