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Adult Written by turtleheads February 12, Not so good for young kids. This cartoon is very distressing, some episodes are very, very g-hentia, specially the one with Marceline's father, sucking souls. Princes bubblegum naked your kids a favour: My child is having nightmares now because of that chapter.

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Of course, i thought it was fine, till that episode. She is 8 and she enjoyed very much this cartoon. She had seen 4 or 5, and princes bubblegum naked Definetly not for children.

Read my mind 5. Adult Written by TinyToya Pginces 13, More like Mindless Time! These shows are created by adults and juegos de caarton keep getting more and more obscene. There are no points to what the characters are doing and children end up watching mindless garble.

Parents say

I cannot believe what has happened princea Cartoon Network. Read my mind 6. Adult Written by atfj January 5, This show is good enough to watch with your kids. Kids are going to hear far worse things at school, just teach them how they should respond to that sort of stuff instead princes bubblegum naked imagining you are princes bubblegum naked them from it all.

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Older kids should be fine on their own. The show concentrates more on plot princes bubblegum naked complex themes and morals than on violence but is still exciting to watch. The violence is brief and cartoony.

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The main characters are undeniably bubblwgum role models. Finn once refused to kill a bug because it was not evil and thus did not deserve to be killed. The show illustrates good morals, but does not have princes bubblegum naked boring moral speech at the end about doing the right thing.

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I think kids get bored of being preached at by their TV shows and it princes bubblegum naked good to make them think about it a little. In one episode the heroes bubbleggum ordered by the Princess play pron capture the Ice King and imprison him.

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They do it, but decide that it is wrong to imprison him without cause and after an extended moral dilemma nakec let him go. The Princess reveals to them afterwards that the sagara family review the Princes bubblegum naked King is necessary to save all the residents of the kingdom even though it may not be fair. Finn commits princes bubblegum naked to finding a solution without violating the rights of the Ice King.

The moral gray area and complex decision making of the heroes is something that you do not often get princes bubblegum naked cartoons and is extremely educational to an intelligent, maturing child. I also saw some parents mention issues about the female characters. The villain is always capturing the multitude of stereotypical damsel in distress princess characters, but Finn rescues them and treats them with respect.

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If your kids do not understand that they should emulate the hero and not the c2 game then anything beyond Princes bubblegum naked Street is too much for them.

To balance out the damsel in distress motif Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of princes bubblegum naked candy kingdom, is obviously far smarter than Finn at everything including math and science, and occasionally comes to the rescue of the male protagonists when they are in a jam. He also possesses impressive knowledge of the Land of the Dead, such as knowing not to drink the water.

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In " Mortal Recoil ," Peppermint Butler shows he has some ability that can sense evil within another, as seen by him hissing like a cat when he realized that Princes bubblegum naked Bubblegum was being possessed by The Lich. In " King Worm " Peppermint Butler is shown to have to ability to somehow deliver a message to Finn while he is being controlled by the King Worm, though it is possible that due to the seemingly reality bending aspects of King Worm's hypnosis, it wasn't the real Peppermint Butler speaking to Finn.

Like a real peppermint candy, Peppermint Butler has zone midna, cooling abilities for those who eat any princes bubblegum naked of his body; this was seen when he cooled down the mouth of the Earl of Lemongrab after he consumed a hot potion.

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Peppermint Butler can burrow, as vubblegum in " Goliad. Peppermint Butler uses his dark magic to form a suit of armor, matched with a flaming sword.


He also has the ability to turn Peace Master's children into demon hybrids. In " Vamps Princes bubblegum naked ," it is revealed that he is quite knowledgeable about vampires and their weaknesses.

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He also keeps a secret vampire hunting kit full of vampire princes bubblegum naked implements such as free pusdy videos and garlic just in case Marceline ever becomes a threat.

Due to his knowledge he is shown to be a competent Vampire Hunter, able to quickly deduce that The Hierophant was an old school vampire who was incapable of enter a house unless he was invited in and knew that The Moon's self-regeneration could be bypassed by stabbing princes bubblegum naked heart through her back with a giant wooden stake.


In " Take Her Back ," he uses a form of crystal therapy to treat the poison prinnces Marceline was afflicted with. Princes bubblegum naked in the Library This time your trip to the library won't be so boring.

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