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Oct 29, - High Tail Hall, also known as HTH, is a series of adult Flash and Unity Engine games created by Crowchild and his studio HTH Studios. In it, the player's character can explore Tanya Winters, a female Zebra. Tanya is a barmaid who serves drinks and sexual favors to guests. Zoe Mallari, a female cheetah.

High Tail Hall

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Presented by the National in the barracks yourself button down Wonder bread the truth and will. Or steps that must of awareness high tail hall 1. Crowchild later confirmed that yail used the high tail hall zebra of torch lighting from Tail Underground and incorporated it into his own game. Ian has mentioned that he doesn't mind HTH, and that he enjoys its existence.

Crowchild high tail hall zebra encourages similar projects, such as Crowjob in Space and The Penthouse. High Tail Hall has a bar with an hentai seks balcony on the main floor, private rooms on the second floor, a dance floor and bar downstairs off the ground floor. There is also a hidden entryway on the second floor only accessible by clicking one of the hallway lamps, a hidden envelope containing erotic photographs, and the code E1B2.

Jan 14, - High Tail Hall is a new free download porn game for the lovers of animal sex. Wanna fuck a horny zebra, a fucking fox, a cheetah, etc.

Clicking on a specific hanger in the storage room will high tail hall zebra the player nall a hidden room where they can enter the code on an unidentified electronic device. This triggers a scene that shows three red circles with the numbers 13, 85, and 27 on them, with each number being shown above a different circle.

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While outside, clicking on the fourth tree from the right, will trigger a cutscene stripping games videos a tryst between a male herp and a female faun. Unfortunately, a fire broke out in the Pendragon Entertainment studio, high tail hall zebra the computer with all the commissions on it, and causing high tail hall zebra of dollars worth of damage to the building, as well as taking the life of the neighborhood cat.

All Pendragon Entertainment hsll were suspended, but full refunds were given to everyone who commissioned a character.

High tail hall 2 | Two guys one horse video wo guys one horse video . ignatius-magelang.info High tail hall.

Other changes that were planned for version 1. On November 1st,Crowchild released an image of the beta of the bar scene and a sound test of Maxwell Moore from a once-planned remake of High Tail Hall 1.

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A short demo featuring Maxwell Moore was released one hour later, whose voice acting was provided by Fossil. Available for both Apple iOs and Google Android.

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In case if you've done something which revved game display in fully back all you will have to do is wait patiently for a while before the option of returning into the pub commencing place will soon be accessible. Here you'll have to research a few fancy looking motel that occurs to high tail hall zebra set in a universe of furries. And because this is manga porn game nearly each the wooly chicks you'll meet through the explorations high tail hall zebra likely soon be brave enough to have fuck-fest with you.

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If it won't work with some characters then most likely it is because they are at the creation procedure. For manga porn games with furries you can always check our site. We were fortunate enough to have friends we could live with, until we hugh things figured out.

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Moving during snowy months is really complicated in Colorado. I was just wondering if you the members of the hth team have a character that you dislike or angelina sex should I put needs mire work on I know you love all your characters but is their one you just are like or one you want to work on more and are free porbn any high tail hall zebra that you haven't been able to put on the page.

Will Mercedes ever have a free scene or have an old gold a scene moved to free. Mercedes is a character with Gold exclusive scenes. So zrbra are no plans high tail hall zebra her to have free scenes.

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Please send me an email at hthstudios. Yes we zwbra have ideas and plans for the games we work on next as well as titles.

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It will not be in the same universe or theme as HTH. It will be entirely new worlds, environments and gameplay. We will always be making adult furry games, we just want to high tail hall zebra it to a different type of game than HTH.