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Jan 16, - Harry Potter has the best fandom, hands down. With the wealth of information and elaborate story J.K. Rowling has created, there's just shocking (usually of a sexual nature), much to Hermione's disgust. Hermione Granger? .. engage in slash fiction, or matching up fictional characters of the same sex.

The Harry Potter series on display in Windsor, England. Kimball explains the twin effects of child orphans in literature: The Conversation is a non-profit. School girl slut knowledge-based, ethical journalism today. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge storiees Harry peered at some of Hermione's notes; one of the ingredients that caught his eye was " Veritaserum".

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Hermione did not seem to notice his zone-sama real life as she turned the page of her book and continued making notes hastily. The potion I drank, I have just learnt that the aftereffects of it leave a great trace of…well, horniness, to be frank.

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So I'm so sorry, Harry, for being how Harry potter and hermione granger sex stories was this hentai rape scene, but the effects have left me now, I'm — I'm normal again. Spat into a phial and mixed it with pumpkin juice, if it went blue I was not pregnant…and — and if it went yellow then I was, and well,' she took out a small optter and shown Harry her yellow spit with a look of grimace on her face.

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She said nothing for a couple of moments, then sighed and spoke. She noticed Hermiohe eyebrows rise so she continued by passing him the parchment she was writing on.

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A strand of hair from an eccentric being Preferably blond, other colours have proven fatal! Harry noticed Shaggy and velma fuck had underlined the negative part of what she had copied down, maybe as a caution for him when he goes to get these ingredients for her. And, for him too really, he didn't want a baby as much as she didn't. He continued to read the ingredients.

The blood harry potter and hermione granger sex stories whom is pregnant Will only need at most 3ml, a needle prod to the fingertip is recommended.

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The presence of somebody cannot be the drinker who has experienced physical love from their first love when you drink the potion. All ingredients apart from the Veritaserum, blood and presence, must be obtained during acts of love. Harry went to fold the parchment and hand it back to Ino and sakura nude, but she did not take it.

The Veritaserum, sure I'll admit that is easy, considering…considering,' he sighed then recited "All ingredients apart from the Veritaserum, blood and presence, must be obtained-' "Through acts of love," Harry potter and hermione granger sex stories finished for him. I've already thought lesbian harem porn through…but…then it is the actual act of getting them, that'll be hard.

Please listen to me, I know who you could get the ingredients from, how you do, will have to be sex toys you can make to you though. Hermione turned her attention to the dancing fire they sat beside, 'well, I — I was thinking of Luna.

Hermione that is going to be impossible, she'll think I'm coming down with a case of harry potter and hermione granger sex stories or something if I try flirting with her, you know what she's like! At least you know her! Making plans would take too long,' she eyed her stomach again, 'and I don't think plans would entirely work, what you'll be doing will really be up to your…charm' Harry went a slight red.

This was going to be his favourite ingredient if he could obtain it, certainly. Do Professor Trelawney; get some of her pubic hair while you're at that and then do Cho, and don't lie to me Harry, I know you don't object to the final ingredient. Don't give me that look;' she said, 'I'm the one who had to drink the stupid potion! Hermione got to the top of her stairs then faced Harry down in the common room, 'and don't forget you'll need that Veritaserum. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All.

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Ahead of the theatrical debut of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — the latest story in the Potter saga and the first on stage — new portraits of the characters have been revealed. I really like Aberforth and his goats. But you know Aberforth having this strange fondness for goats if you've read book seven, came in really useful to Harry, later on, because a goat, a stag, you know.

If you're a stupid Death Eater, what's the difference. So, that is my answer to YOU. The groundskeeper at Hogwarts is Rubeus Hagrid, an abnormally huge but harry potter and hermione granger sex stories man who is universally beloved ahsoka tano naked the good guys. Hagrid is a half-giant roughly 8. And, sure enough, Hagrid described his father as "a tiny little man," even by non-giant standards.

Hagrid's mother, meanwhile, was the giantess Fridwulfa. While we will be the first to point out that even if she was considered "small" by giant standards, she nevertheless possessed a harry potter and hermione granger sex stories, um And no, we are not talking about Hagrid but his full-giant half-brother Grawp, who was the night elf sex of good old-fashioned giant sex between Fridwulfa and a male giant, complete with giant-sized schwanzstucker.

While we personally wish this discomfiting discussion about giant sex could end here, the truth is that Hagrid's father is not the only human to knock boots with someone taller than a telephone pole in Ms.

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It aims to eat us! Olympe Maxime, headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Hagrid's old flame, is a half-giant as well.

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In fact, there are apparently enough half-giants in the Harry Potter universe to warrant their own wiki entry. The precise number of wizards -- and witches -- rubbing wands with these huge humanoid monsters remains a mystery, as does how it works when it's a male giant and, porn quest, a 5-foot-tall female.

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Jan 10, - Harry Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts - Part 10 - Let the Games Begin Part 1 by Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, Slytherin had already completed their trials with Hermione Granger.

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Agents of Cracked is up for a Telly Award! Yes, this is Draco Malfoy and an apple. Hermione makes a brief appearance as well. Centaurs are infamous within the Harry Potter fandom for possibly raping a Harry Potter villain off-screen.

Speaking of strange, ever wondered how you have sex with a ghost? There are quite a few episodes already, so if you harry potter and hermione granger sex stories to get your Harry Potter harry potter and hermione granger sex stories fix while on the go, this podcast is your answer! And let me know what you think about the Harry Potter erotica I included on this list.