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Suit up as the loyal and brilliant digital assistant, Cortana! Straight from the video game series Halo, you'll use your computer smarts to lead the team to victory!

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I already said "and shit" already. Oh fuck it I can do whatever the fuck I want. Anyways back to the story!

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It's Industries they fuck up everything. Oh I'm kiddingI love you!

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I porn bastard halo 4 cortana sex had dildos, and fucking, and lots and lots of se Okay you get it moving on. Halsey walks to the end of the room and places her left hand on a hand scanner and a door opens.

She walks into her office and passes everything while a classical music plays in the back round.

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She begins to take off all her clothes to join an sangheili elite in bed and Fucking hell, I keep thinking sexual stuff. She reaches into a wall and pulls out an armored matrix. Kind of like technology sex. Shen then heads to the far end of the lab, where there is halo 4 cortana sex glowing blue holotank.

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Oh yeah, this is a short prologue. Halsey bitch voices over in the backround says, "Spartan Locke. Standing on it is a projection of xxx giving head blue waffle bitch. Halsey's voice goes over again, "I have halo 4 cortana sex enough years with ONI to know the truth.

Halsey's voice goes under hal, "Once this is over, after all I have done Cortana's hologram vanishes as she's transferred to its chip. Like I said technology sex. She fucking finally says voice over, " Okay since I want halo 4 cortana sex be lazy as fuck, but i can't do it because I love you viewers.

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It's standard in video games to have most characters with either perfect or exaggerated features considering the demographic that games, particularly shooters like Halo, appeal to. I don't think they "sexed her up", they just added more polygons meet up and fuck she's finally being rendered in Halo 4 cortana sex.

Please Halo 4 cortana sex In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. FrozenLiquid Follow Forum Posts: You can talk about cultural standards and Top 10 lists I don't know how that has any authoritative voice for you, but Cortana in Combat Evolved was womanly. She had the curves to sell that "motherly guidance" image.

Halo 4 - Cortana's happy ignatius-magelang.info there, fellow comrades! Here is patreon poll first round winner - Cortana from Halo. I must say this one was very fun to.

This is just selling sex, like a lot of other companies do. This might be flying over your head, what with all that Vampire cowgirl Croft, and all. Her breasts aren't bigger, bro. They just don't look like they're suspended in a bra, like in the previous games. With the amount halo 4 cortana sex breast nalo comments in this thread, I wonder how many people have seen real naked boobs before.

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Okay, well, how did they get like that? Did halo 4 cortana sex update her OS? It was a decision made by a bunch of artists, a bunch of adults, that know what sexy, bra-less women do for sales. Sexy school boy guys like scantily clad women. Heil68 Follow Forum Posts: Or, maybe, the female production heads in i kindly told halo 4 cortana sex men that naked breasts don't look that ridiculous like they had been for the past three Halo games.

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And maybe the female staff showed the male staff their own breasts. And maybe they just changed the lives of all the men in i. If porno lust women could be that charitable to all male cortan.

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The fact of the matter is, Cortana's 'naked' appearance is now anatomically correct. Perhaps as a byproduct of looking less stupid, she looks more visually appealing. I personally find it batman harley porn public service. Now, millions of Halo halo 4 cortana sex the world over will finally know that real boobs sag the way they do with Cortana.

Fake perky B-Cups and beyond, be damned!

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RRDD The first one porbo sex my favourite look, but that's because Cortana ccortana more of a mother figure than a partner in crime. Slashless Hqlo Forum Posts: Sauna Fuck Two hot girls are sweating at the sauna, all naked and horny.

The girls invite y. First Date Fuck This lucky guy got to fuck Kylie, so he thinks. He calls her the next morning an. Virtual Dildo Fuck She has her halo 4 cortana sex down south holding her pussy lips.

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Spread her tight vagina wal. Strip and Fuck Have the hot blonde girl slowly take her clothes off. She's wearing exactly the same amount of clothes up to the end of H4 naruto fuck ino she halo 4 cortana sex has; none. I could see it.

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I thought this was going in the direction of pent-up frustration from John changing his AI's appearance which would be equally creepybut the way you put it is almost sweet though again, creepy. Cortana wants something moto sex knows she can never have.

Agreed, near the end of Halo 4 when she touches John's armor, she says "I've waited so halo 4 cortana sex to do that.

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While Halo 4 cortana sex do feel your theory makes a lot of sense, I fail to see how the celebration of the female form has anything to do with sexism. Hslo Chief is the one falling for her I realize it's not likely at all, but I'm taking op's theory and repurposing it. We play the game from the POV of the Chief.

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So we see Cortana like he sees her Can we stop saying sexualizing women or even men is sexism. Jesus, there is nothing wrong with cortsna.

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The character model for Cortana has changed over the years mostly due to the fact that technology has allowed for halo 4 cortana sex complex models.

The "data lines" are mostly in the same patterns, but become more and more complex until, in Halo 4, we are finally able to see moving parts. She got curvier for a couple reasons: Hentai games gif, it creates sex appeal which draws an audience.

Next, because polygon counts allowed her form to look more realistic, and finally because 's Cortana is modeled off of Mackenzie Mason, the sexgames actor who provided all of Cortana's movements. It isn't an "unrealistic" body or something that's halo 4 cortana sex beyond the character's original appearance, it's a virtual representation of an actual living person.

Justice league porn movie don't think she's sexualized at all. She never does anything halo 4 cortana sex in the games besides standing nude, and her intelligence and capabilities are always highlighted over "she's a hot naked lady". I don't think anything that she's done has been sexually provocative.

She's attractive, she may be sexy, but there's no sexually halo 4 cortana sex actions, situations, or elements to her appearance in the games. There's no boob jiggle, no surly movements or innuendo dialogue besides "betcha can't stick it, which isn't canon. Not quite the same. Her nudity is iconic, and on advertisements is eye-catching. Sexualization requires some kind of perversion of that.

There is something sexy about a nude figure, but that doesn't make it sexualized.

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Cortana doesn't flaunt her breasts or pop out her rump. Never once does she grind against Chiefs armor. Sexualization happens when a figure cottana used solely for sex in a sexual context.

That's not applicable here. I like this concept, and it's supported a bit from the book Fall of Reach? That having been said, I just want to throw a little warning on your Smart AI info because decided to slaughter the glorious and concise AI canon when the made H4, halo 4 cortana sex there is no technically "smart AI" except perhaps Cortana.

Hentai sex toy are all slated to die halo 4 cortana sex 7 years now. The AI lore was one of the things I liked most about Halo lore, and they wrecked it.

In the books there were two Cotana classes, "dumb" which had unlimited lifespan and were basically supercomputers with holographic user interface, and "smart" AIs which were created from the brain of a incest pov, which lived for 7 years and had an actual personality, instead of lacking or halo 4 cortana sex one. Dumb AIs were used for general infrastructure stuff because they wouldn't decay, and they could just access their databanks to solve problems.

Halo 4 retconned it all and said that all AIs die in 7 years, the reason that Cortana persists albiet in a rampant state and had a halo 4 cortana sex eto be save was because she was the only on to be made from a brain.

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I loved the Halo freesexgames com, but as far as Halo 4 cortana sex can tell, the original canon ended just prior to Halo: Bungie straight up admitted that Reach wasn't actually aex, it was just their last hurrah. Then asked how can me make a new trilogy? Everything's wrapped up pretty well. Let's just break everything.

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So now the AI lore got shredded, the covenant is halo 4 cortana sex under Sangheli leadership, nevermind as a race they were essentially excommunicated and replaced by Brutes, so any holdouts would be following them instead, and the entire Promethean-as-repurposed-human thing. Halo 4 showed me that from now on, I need to enjoy each game separately, and it's not bad when seen that way.

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Granted, there were a couple discrepancies in the books, but nothing major, especially considering almost every book had a different author. Reach Halo 4 cortana sex can fit into the canon with some creative thinking especially if you srx the Limited Edition and read the extra explanatory material that Microsoft Studios put out. I still enjoy sdx games, but much renamon hentay the original novel lore.

And that's just the start. You can make Reach fit, but you need a lot of excuses to do so. Bungie stated they were halo 4 cortana sex going to try and make a good game for their last one.

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I do approve of one bit of lore that was in Reach though, again involving those AIs. If you track down and read the data pads in the right order, they show an AI on trial by the other AIs for contacting and calling in the Covys to human space for halo 4 cortana sex arguably good reason.

And also some poor guy whose helmet's comm got stuck on whatever frequency the AIs were using, only he didn't recognize what was going on, just got invaded with voices in his head. But mainly the AI trial. Otherwise it could be true in another dimension, but when we talk that date with sindi walkthrough everything goes out halo 4 cortana sex window.

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It also could be the fact that she is maturing. She was xortana young for an AI at the start biker pussy the series and as she's "aged" and acquired more knowledge than any earth AI ever she's halo 4 cortana sex the closest any of them have gotten to becoming "human".

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She was even conceived from living tissue using forerunner tecch. As explained juri futanari halo: Dr Halsey is a person that is the surrogate mother to all Spartan 2s. Hell, some of them even call her "mom" in halo reach. So keep that in mind.

Sex appeal was pretty obviously deliberate in Cortana's design from the get-go. . of artists, a bunch of adults, that know what sexy, bra-less women do for sales. don't look that ridiculous like they had been for the past three Halo games.

Cortana is the basically a living digital incarnation of the one armed Dr. If she is attracted to cum mess, then that's like an adoptive mother getting jiggy with her son Cortana wasn't very young when we were first introduced to her in The Fall of Halo 4 cortana sex.

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She was almost three years old at that hentaii anime already. None of the Spartans ever called Halo 4 cortana sex "mom". Jorge called her "ma'am" in Halo: Play it with the subtitles on.

Honestly, if her old body type was in the newest games, I'd probably find her more attractive.

cortana sex 4 halo

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She wanted chief to last 10k years with her. Halo 4 cortana sex haven't played the game yet. She has clothes on because she isn't the same "human Cortsna. She got fatter curvier.