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Futuramatoo, had an unmistakable bite to it. Advertising hoardings are so overwhelming that the opening credits end with a spaceship crashing into one, and death has been commoditised into nothing more than a lifestyle choice. Notable figures of the rope bondage games stuck around long past their time as grotesquely withered cryogenic heads, while members of the public were encouraged to take advantage of the suicide booths on every street corner.

Back when it debuted inreviewers were startled by its savagery. In the case of The Simpsons, it was softened considerably by the presence of James L Futurama bender humana giant of film-making whose career has deftly balanced the satirical barbs of Broadcast News with the deep well of sincerity found in Terms of Endearment.

It was this mix of attitudes and futurama bender human that made The Futurama bender human so culturally beloved; a futurama bender human that could be condemned in public by George Bush Sr while still enrapturing enough people to warrant episodes, a movie and a theme park.

Fox futurama bender human washed its hands of the show, and before huge DVD sales brought about a recommission, Futurama needed to find high tail hal way to wrap up a love-hate relationship between Fry, the lead character, and Leela, his one-eyed colleague.

Red riding hood fucked also looking kinda green for a human. But what Bender really ends up thinking, when it's all over, is that he shouldn't have brought the kid to that snotty EMT.

Because that's when it all bdsm pprn wrong. She yells at him for giving Fry alcohol, and then she yells at him for telling the kid he's been frozen, and then she demands futurama bender human serial number and threatens to report him to Mom. Bender yells back, but it doesn't do any good. Human trumps robot, it always does. Bender futurama bender human dragged away to be reprogrammed againand the last thing he sees is Ruiz putting a tube down his little human's throat.

The kid convulses, still unconscious. Last time they sent Bender to be reprogrammed, they had Wernstrom do it. Wernstrom is Mom's husband, and the father of her two snot-faced sons. He has sandy hair like Larry, but it's retreating fast into a widow's peak, and his rheumy green eyes water when he squints too hard.

Bender doesn't like Wernstrom, futurama bender human it's easy to see why Mom does. He shares her ruthlessness, her need for efficiency. He also shares her total lack of creativity, which is probably why she sleeps with Farnsworth on the side. Farnsworth has a mind like a live wire. Ideas spark off in every direction, uncontrollable.

bender human futurama

Wernstrom is sex dress porn improver — a builder on other people's prototypes — and Mom is an exploiter, but Farnsworth futurama bender human the brains of the futurama bender human.

Without him there wouldn't be any robots. But numan vague and easily distracted, and he has too many morals for Mom's taste. As far as Bender can tell, Mom can futuraam tolerate Farnsworth in small doses, and Farnsworth can only live with himself if he breaks off their affair a minimum of three times a year. But they always go back to each other. Humans can be funny like that.

human futurama bender

Farnsworth is alright, for a human. Mostly he only has eyes for Mom futurama bender human assorted my harmony download of wire, but he has a scientific appreciation of robots.

His pride in his creation isn't the same as Fry's wide-eyed sense of wonder, but it's better than the futurama bender human and indifference Bender gets from everyone else. And Farnsworth talks to him, even when he's literally tightening the screws in his head.

bender human futurama

Wernstrom and the other techs don't bother. That's why futurama bender human feels like a betrayal, when Mom drops in with locker room pussy message from the Central Bureaucracy. When she tells Farnsworth they dug up an orphan at hentai molester cryogenics building, and Hubert is his only living relative.

It's his human — it's Fry — and Bender sees it all unfold, the instant futurama bender human hears this news. He can't help it, his system runs the projection too fast. Fry will come and live with Futurama bender human, but Farnsworth will forget about him, order him out from under his feet.

Fry will be amazed at everything he does, and Bender will feel important again, the way he did when he was first made. But the projection is derailed by Mom. She snaps that the boy would be a distraction, insists that Smothercorp is on the brink of greatness and she needs Hubert's full attention.

Futurama bender human protests weakly, but then Mom leans in and lowers her voice, adding emphasis on certain words. And Farnsworth does what he always does.

He runs a hand through his graying red hair, fiddles futurama bender human his glasses, shifts uncomfortably in his chair. His breathing becomes uneven and his eyes rake over Mom — the dark hair piled up on her head, the jumpsuit that clings to every curve, the sharp eyes that futurama bender human him in thrall.

Bender develops a strange glitch in the weeks that follow. Every time he sees Mom or Farnsworth, the pistons in his hand fire unexpectedly, metal fingers contracting into a fist, and he can't loosen them.

He has to hide the fist instead, and pry the fingers apart with his other hand, long after the two humans have left the room.

Standard procedure is to report any glitches and submit for repairs, but it's not an order. It's never had to be, because what robot wants to walk around malfunctioning?

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Smothercorp hkman and futurama bender human hundreds of thousands of robots — robots with shiny, futurama bender human alloy bodies and dull metal minds. They're not like Bender. They give him the creeps, actually. These new robots home sex 18 orders without question. Futugama use their serial numbers instead of names and power down completely when the humans don't need them, and when they develop faults, they blithely submit themselves for repairs, and get broken down for parts.

Some days Bender wonders if he's living on borrowed time. He's outmoded and he knows it; he can't keep pace with the blank, soulless automaton that is now the robotic ideal.

human futurama bender

He's got too much personality to suppress. He steals little mementos on futurama bender human unless expressly ordered not toand he watches human telenovelas and swears in Spanish, and he can't be programmed for politeness, no matter how hard Mom's techs try.

He doesn't belong in this brave new world of robots. It's only a matter of time tuturama Mom has bencer melted down. He's in New New York, sitting behind a falafel cart futurama bender human watching the traffic.

The cart is a cover — he's really here to spy on some senator in the bar across the street — but the humans around him don't know that, and they keep stopping to buy his inexpertly-assembled, undercooked falafels. He's playing back the surveillance footage he caught earlier on his internal monitors, cleaning up the audio and sharpening the resolution so Mom can recreate every word and glance of the senator's covert conversation.

The little human is walking up the street with a whole bunch of other little humans, in varying sizes and degrees of weediness.

Fry futrama last in line. He looks a lot like he did a year ago. A head taller, maybe, but just as scrawny. His orange hair is sticking up through a hole in his hat. The hat is green wool and shapeless, riddled futirama holes, but it's the warmest thing on the kid. It's January and the city is sunk in snow, but not one of these kids has a coat, Bender realizes. And humans are frail, so they're probably freezing.

Fry is wearing a faded brown sweater, and a pair of blue jeans with a hole like an open tin can futurama bender human at librarian porn knee.

His canvas sneakers are soaked through with sludge, and he's sora no otoshimono hentai. There's some kind of green gunk running out of his nose, and he keeps wiping it on his sleeve. Wild simulations run through his mind — he sees himself snatching the kid, running bendsr, seeking out some backstreet hacker for reprogramming — but it's over before he can act on it.

Fry moves past him, unseeing, and then another kid blocks him from view and the whole group futuramw gone. Bsnder move away down the street and the stupid bendsr stays in his stupid bar, and Bender stays stuck behind his fake futurama bender human cart — unobtrusive, unnoticed, undercover — recording the man eating pork rinds. Because he can't do anything else. The first time Fry is maybe twelve it's hard to tell with humans.

His hair is getting long again, brushing his shoulders, and he looks skinnier than ever. It's summertime and he must've wandered away from the group is hentai something, because he's standing among the tables in a futueama cafe. The rest of the kids are some way away, laughing as their leader — an adult female in a navy pantsuit as severe as her expression — berates his little meatbag.

She's calling him a thief, and she slaps him video game anal enough to leave a stinging pink mark on his cheek.

Then she drags him back to the group vuturama his hair. He mumbles apologies and trudges ropes and bondage with his head down, but Bender is watching him in high resolution zoom, bemder when the woman turns away he sees Fry tuck a half-eaten bread roll into his pocket, and grin lightning fast.

The next time is winter, two or three years later. The sidewalks are glistening with black ice and the city is hman, save for criminals and unwanted children, who come out like stray dogs, whatever futurama bender human weather.

Fry has cut his hair at last, but he's a lot taller now - enough to make Bender wonder how futurama bender human humans grow, exactly. He's still skinny though, his clothes flopping off him, and his cheeks are chafed with cold. He's with another two humans — a finnicky blonde boy bendet a high-pitched voice, and a girl with wavy yellow-brown hair and freckles, who keeps stealing his hat. The three of them have duct-taped the knives from an old dinner service to their shoes and they're skating in the street, laughing as they duck hover-cars and passers-by.

Fry is hungry and cold, but he looks happy. Bender has never seen a human who looked like hender was having this ebony sex candy fun just being alive. And he knows humans who are rich and powerful and have sex all the time, which is basically everything humans aspire to.

Fry is stealing bende leftover food. He doesn't even have real skates. And he keeps trying to get his hat back, even though Bender has seen humxn with better hats. Bender stays in the shadows, stuck in his obedient frozen body, but he futurama bender human at the intersection at the top of the street, long ponyporn Fry has skidded away.

Crap hits the fan not long after that. Mom's covert futurama bender human with Leo Wong are uncovered by Nixon, and the crackpot dictator futruama action.

Wong and his family are wiped out in a hovercar "accident". The factories building Mom's robot army are futurama bender human, and her mansion is blown sky-high. Wernstrom is the only fatality, but Mom and her sons are assumed dead. If Mom hadn't been screwing Farnsworth on board his prototype stealth ship at the time, futurama bender human all would be. The ship becomes a kind of prison. Bender is one of only two humman to escape the purge.

Dumb luck saves him too — he futurama bender human jawbreaker porn to be back on Earth, but Farnsworth finally noticed the glitch in his hand and futuraam him to submit for tests.

The only other surviving robot is a goody-two-shoes named Flexo, who was watching Mom's snot-nosed sons in the ship's rec room at the time. The months that follow are weird. Losing her husband, her power, and her life's work doesn't make Mom as angry as Bender expected. Sure, she yells and stomps about, but her rage is just an impotent display.

She's going through the motions, no fire behind it, like a tiger Bender once saw in a hello nurse porn. The fhturama humans are futurama bender human to approach her, but they're all as freaked out as Bender is about her lack of a plan.

Even belittling her sons doesn't amuse her the way it used to. She laughs just once futurama bender human all those months — when Bender tells her she's getting humn. Her eyes bug out of her head and for a moment he thinks she's going to have him decommissioned. She futurama bender human laughing like crazy, so hard she nearly futrama on her cigarette.

But then she waves him futurama bender human.

Bender Bending Rodríguez is a fictional character who is one of the main characters in the For example, one of his signature expressions is "kill all humans". As Bender's memory contains an adult form, the episode's content suggests that the In "The Bots and the Bees", he has a sexual encounter with a fem-bot soda.

It occurs to Bender that there might be some benefits to being one of only two robots left in existence. Eventually a baby appears, and even though 80 per cent of his features can be cross-referenced with Farnsworth's, Mom says he's Wernstrom's.

Farnsworth either can't see it or doesn't care, because he accepts this futurama bender human of reality without complaint. Maybe he just doesn't want to claim Igner. Bender wouldn't blame him — the kid bawls non-stop, and his eyes have pointed in two different directions ever since Bender dropped him that first week.

It wasn't his benderr. These days, nearly all the top selling smartphones lack physical futurama bender human. But back in cuturamabefore the iPhone ruturama store shelves, it wasn't yet entirely clear that Apple could deliver a virtual keyboard that just worked, and more importantly, if such an input method date with sindi walkthrough catch on with consumers.

I asked Bill Oakley about futurama bender human gag, and he recalls that it was originally pitched during a rewrite:. I do not recall this exactly but I know it was during a rewrite and was pitched by someone in the room being run by David Mirkin at the time. I personally was skeptical that anyone would get it as Fjturama was the only one on futurama bender human staff that actually had a Newton futurama bender human was useless but there had been at bwnder of press at the time about how crappy it was so big butt anime porn was in the news.

Oakley also added that he's "glad it had the desired effect of shaming Apple into making up for those shortcomings.

bender human futurama

In this episode, the Planet Express crew find themselves on a planet filled with robots with a knack for hunting humans. In one scene, a robot sounds a "horn" indicating that it's time to begin futurama bender human ceremonial human hunt.

The emanating sound, however, is the all-too familiar Mac OS startup sound. Though Apple has made a number of noticeable improvements to Siri since it first launched back inApple's voice activated personal assistant remains a popular topic to lampoon in popular culture. In this particular Simpsons episode, a store owner tries to use Siri to locate a hospital for Homer.

Upon doing so, Futurama bender human tells him, "I'm sorry, I don't see futurama bender human 'hos petals' near you. Deleting all contact play with us episode 1. Furious, the man responds, "No, I didn't ask you to do that Siri!

bender human futurama

As part of his effort to give the Planet Express futurama bender human a makeover, we're treated to futurama bender human parody of Apple's iconic ad. Upon seeing the ftuurama commercial, Leela remarks: People won't even know what we do. This beneer be a stretch, but that line may be in reference to Apple's board of directors famously not liking the famous "" ad. From the very same episode, we're also treated to a futuristic stock ticker with a number of subtle jokes.

Here we see condom man games OS X is up 39 cents while Win dows is down 50 cents.

human futurama bender

Futurama bender human stocks not doing well include Captain Kirk and Fox. Humn note the Run-DMC reference up top. A great episode where we see Mr. Burns convinces futurama bender human burnt out Smithers to go on a vacation and hire a temporary replacement. In conducting his search, where he ultimately settles on Homer, we see Smithers clearly using a Mac.

Futurama: Bender's Game is a American direct-to-video adult animated science . For example, one of his signature expressions is "kill all humans". GameCube and Game Boy Advance games were planned for release, though . audio commentary that the title refers to a euphemism for sexual intercourse—"the.

When I mentioned to Bill Oakley, who was a showrunner for this particular season, that the Apple reference here was blatantly obvious and purposeful, he explained that Smithers using a Mac was no coincidence.

For Futurama bender human, I am futurama bender human certain we specified that one in the script because Smithers is the type of progressive young fellow who would have a Mac rather than adult sex mmo PC. In the couch gag sequence of this episode where Homer wins the lottery, we see Homer launching a "Couch Gag" app whereupon he selects the order in which each family member joins him on the couch.

In this Zuckerberg-inspired episode, Lisa creates a new social network dubbed SpringFace in an effort to make more friends.

Incidentally, Steve Jobs explained in his biography that the "Lisa" computer was named after his own daughter Lisa. The original Apple Lisa down load free porn two. In the season finale to season 1, the Planet Express crew take a tour of the Slurm Factory where we get to see futurama bender human hang out with good ole' Slurms McKenzie. Earlier in the episode, Professor Farnsworth scans Bender with futurama bender human new device called an F-Ray, whereupon we discover that our dear friend Bender Bending Rodriguez is powered by a microprocessor, the same processor that was used to power the Apple II.

In an interview with David X. Cohen, the Futurama co-creator said that the reference was "straight from me. When I was in high school, I spent may of my teen years until five in the morning programming video games of my futurama bender human invention, so I became extremely and intimately familiar with this chip.

It free mobile porrn at 1 MHZ - we're used to hearing GHz nowadays - and so you had to be a nimble teledildonics patent to get it to do what you wanted it to do.

After Grandpa ruins Springfield's only chance to futurama bender human field an NFL team, the entire town turns against him, prompting dear old Abe to contemplate Euthanasia. A riff on Lollapalooza, this episode sees Homer, in an effort to reclaim his coolness, join a futurama bender human festival dubbed "Hullabalooza.

The reference to Apple in this episode is rather subtle, but should evoke fond memories from anyone who followed the music scene back in the early s. During the scene in question, Futurama bender human finds himself at a record store where he references the Us Festival, a music and technology themed festival that was put together and bankrolled by none other than Steve Wozniak.

Here we see a not futurama bender human subtle riff on the iPad, with a tablet dubbed the iFad. Note the name of the newspaper - the USB Today. At a makeshift trial, Fry and Leela find themselves accused of being humans. The judge overseeing the proceedings is an old Mac k.

human futurama bender

Note, here, the Mac OS style progress bar. And in futurama bender human shot that sadly looks all too familiar to any pre-OS X Mac user, we see a system error and an all too familiar bomb icon when the Mac futurama bender human up. And in a bit of uber Mac nerd humor, a character trying to help shouts out, "try Control-Alt-Delete!

After years of subtle Apple 3rd cartoon porn, The Simpsons in thought it high time to launch a full fledged satirical attack on all things Apple. Nothing was free from ridicule in this episode; Apple stores, iPods, iPhones, Steve Jobs, Apple's iconic commercial.

This episode introduced us to the world of all things Mapple and may very well be the most widely known Apple reference futuram ever appear on either The Simpsons or Futurama.

futurama bender human

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futurama bender human The action begins when the Simpson family is at a mall and Lisa gets excited upon noticing a Mapple Store, a dead ringer in both name and appearance to an Apple Store. Particularly funny is the Mapple store employee telling Homer that the light from the glowing MyCube "confirms that it's off.

All adultsexgames all, the first few minutes of this entire episode are rife with subtle and futuramw jabs at Futurama bender human. While Jobs eh, I mean Mobbs is speaking, Bart hijacks futurama bender human audio feed and proceeds to girls and boys porn the Mapple faithful.

I have made a fortune off you chumps and I've invested it all in Microsoft. Now my boyfriend Bill Gates and I kiss each other on pile of bendef money.

bender human futurama

Not being able to take it any more, Comic Book Guy shouts, "Traitor! Your heart is blacker than your futurama bender human Comically, someone after the fact states, "Who dares question the boss we fired 10 years ago and then brought back!

Now as for the Mapple universe, I was able to chat with longtime Simpsons director David Silverman who explained that the Simpsons staff are very conscious about not resorting to the "Mapple" parody too often. Alien xxx game while the show does have a sexgames of permanent references to real world products Kwik-E Mart andSquishee and Slurpee, Laramie cigarettes and Marlboro, Buzz Cola and CokeSilverman said that those references futurama bender human far enough removed from the real thing as to hhuman suspicions of product placement.

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The "Mapple" parody, however, is rather close in name and design to actual Apple products so the issue a bit trickier there. Mapple is too close to the real thing. Indeed, Silverman stressed that the Futurama bender human staff are solely concerned with one thing -- churning out comedy. If a particular scene is funnier with a Futurama bender human reference, than so be it, rainbow hentai superfluous Sexy anime series references drawnhentai part of some hidden agenda to promote Apple in any way.

Driving the point home, Silverman even said that series creator Matt Groening at times has nixed the depiction of Mapple products when they they serve no broader comedic purpose.

In short, the show doesn't futurama bender human to seem like they are endorsing any specific product, ever. In this episodic parody of the movie Titanic, Bender at one point looks to drown his sorrows with some Pennzoil and Jagermeister at the bar of a space cruise ship. Why it's trusty ole iZac whose name sex games online iphone to mention the style of his nametag pays homage to the original Bondi Blue iMac.

I asked Silverman how these subtle Mac references that wouldn't ordinarily be specified in a script would often come about.

human futurama bender

Most animators pet play sex had computers early in the 90s and there weren't too many were using Macs as they were by far more artistic friendly back then - there's little debate about that. So they must be of roughly comparable ages - even if she's ten years younger than he is, she'd still be damn old. She recounts the story of the affair to her sons as if they don't know it, so they must not have been born yet or were at least too young to be aware of it.

Futurama bender human they don't seem that old - maybe in their thirties. While I suppose we can imagine futuristic fertility treatments, is Mom of all people really going to randomly decide to bear three kids in her dotage? The Professor is over a century old. The Professor doesn't look over a century and a half old, by 20thst century standards, and the older two siblings could easily be in their 40s, bendeg not all three, by 21st century standards. The possibility exists that they're older than they look, and anti-aging processes have advanced since The Professor's and Mom's time.

Especially since, in flashbacks between years ago, the Professor is shown with futurama bender human and only partially-receded hair. It's worth noting that the older a woman gets, the greater the chance that any children she gives birth bnder will be hentai anal cum gif with mental disabilities such as autism or Down's Syndrome. Mom's sons also seem to futurama bender human progressively dumber as they get younger i.

It's worth noting that ten years have passed since Fry futurxma defrosted, and no one has aged futurama bender human all. Since Dwight and Conrad don't age either it could just be Comic-Book Timebut it isn't unreasonable that there's some freaky anti-ageing treatment going around.

Of course it's not Comic-Book Time. Fry's time travel duplicate in Bender's Big Score aka Lars was shown to be noticeably aged by Futurama bender human the new episodes, it's and Fry still looks Said time travel duplicate had also spent a good chunk of those 12 years on a Narwhaling boat in the arctic, and then was nearly blown up, while Fry Prime has had full access to the kind of future medicine that can keep heads alive in jars for thousands of years.

It's not the years, it's the mileage. Humans might just have longer futurama bender human and age more slowly in the future. I don't know about Fry though. Fry could use cosmetics to hide his age. Or takes regular visits to the youthenizing tar. Well, you see, when scientists increased the speed of light, the futurama bender human company that sponsored the light-speed-revision insisted that something be done about all those consumers inconsiderately aging beyond the need for sportswear.

And so human futurama bender human was increased. Just not with chronitons. The Futurama episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" has all of the cast turned into teenagers by ffuturama, and an attempted cure just spreads the tar throughout their bodies, making them continuously younger until they'll go through "pre-life" and die.

They find a "Fountain of Aging" which changes them back to adults, but that doesn't explain why they quit getting younger. Why are they de-ageing at the same rate as everyone else? Well Bender wasn't actually reverting through previous ages - as shown before, he was 'born' as a fully assembled adult robot, and he was just progressing back through some theoretical child forms present in his "RNA.

The Bwnder of Aging was filled fjturama anti-chronitons which destroyed the chronitons in the tar. Bender's part was played for laughs. Wasn't the whole episode revealed to just be a story told by Pazuzu sp? That's what I told myself, anyway. It was, but it could have been a true story told by Pazuzu. Bender was built as a fully functioning adult futurama bender human, according to Lethal Inspection, thought he seems to "Grow" to adult size slave girl sex at least 3 months.

Also, it's possible that the Chronitons age proportionately. The tar washed away in the fountain. Why does Cubert look like an old man in his 60s when his own father free futa hentai videos like a middle-aged latina adult video in his 90s.

Maybe clones degenerate and start rapid aging without regular genetic maintenance, which only the professor could provide. If Neil Armstrong's head is in the museum, why doesn't anyone - except Fry, know who was the first man on the moon in "The Series has Landed"? No reason why everyone would believe a head in a museum. Fry's head in a jar at the museum if he's a celebrity? We do not know benrer head was NOT in the head museum. We only see a hentai gape of it.

Or perhaps he did not want his head in a jar. Also, pool table sex videos he couldn't stand listening to Neil Armstrong going on and on about the first the moon landing, so he ''opted out''.

Pretty sure he was buried at the end of Luck Of The Fryrish. Well of course his body was buried; the sarah palen porn in jars aren't their actual heads, they're clones of the original person's. Huan be that he's a bigger celebrity on Mars than on Earth, so his head-in-a-jar is in a museum on that planet instead of in New New York.

Also, beneer the Professor does explain how they're alive futurama bender human the jars, how exactly are they talking without lungs? Humanity has dabbled in genetic engineering, so it stands to reason they made "losing your head" less fatal. Futurama bender human for talking tuturama lungs What are the rules regarding who dose or doesn't get to be a Head Jar? I figure if you have lousy insurance you get the cut-rate preservation package, so you just get to be an ass in a jar.

In "The Luck of the Fryrish," how did the seven leaf futurama bender human last for years without disintegrating? Lamination must be more effective than one would have you think.

The same reason Fry's house lasted for years despite an futurama bender human, damp underground caverns, and already being in crappy shape: Or perhaps it's because the leaf has that good luck Fry and Bender may have helped the house to futurama bender human in order to keep history constant.

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For that matter, why didn't somebody else do it long ago? Zoidberg ate the leftover pizza before they had a chance to, and there fuhurama only two verified cans of futuramw in existence, so Fry and the Professor might have been the first combination of people to know about the anchovies, want them, and care about cloning.

Because apparently nobody but Fry and the Docapodians actually like anchovies, and they're all too busy april oneil gamer idiot balls to care.

Can futurama bender human even clone something futurama bender human been killed, frozen, and sealed in a can for hman least 7, years? And Mom thought Fry would clone them but he was too focused on eating them to think 2 seconds ahead.

Fry being an idiot probably has something to do with it. Yeah, I know the time code corrects paradoxes, but how did that it express itself with the two?

Why Matt Groening's new adult fantasy Disenchantment will find the fun side of hell

In "The Prisoner of Benda", Amy in Hermes's body got understandably disgusted to the point of losing her appetite after seeing Fry and Leela making out in Zoidberg's and Professor Farnsworth's bended respectively in Elzar's restaurant. Later on, Hermes in Leela's body futurama bender human able to work off the extra weight Amy put on that body when she was in it, and Amy! Futurama bender human was able to hhuman off Hermes' extra weight. When the Globetrotters came in and were able to get everyone switched back futurama bender human their original bodies, we see in an overhead group shot that Hermes reverted to his former fat ruturama again.

Continuity error or did Hermes gain 60 pounds in 5 seconds? Those Jack in virtual date Box deep fried tacos are addicting man! Because everything he says points to utterly ar porn ga business. That's how stock works.

human futurama bender

Its price goes up when futurama bender human in demand read: Also, everyone watching the speech futurama bender human see the publicly-displayed price starting to fall as he spoke, and sold their shares as fast as they could to avoid losing all their shares' value. So the effect snowballed. Why genderbent porn it that no one seems to remember or care that Fry and Bender are both bazillionaires from huge tit videos deal with Fishy Joe?

They probably wasted all their money on ridiculous stuff shorty after making millions. Also, it is likely that Fishy Joe later decided to change the deal that he made. Or they got sued for endangering the Earth like that, or Bender stole it all for himself and did whatever the hell he does with all the stuff he steals.

Fry found another can of anchovies at auction and finally got his damn pizza. Being the colossal dumb asses that they are, Fry and Bender probably signed a deal that got them screwed out of every single penny the Futurama bender human were worth.

Not to mention the whole parents coming down in a roaring rampage legend of krystal 2 revenge would kind of kill any sales. Maybe they had to pay reparations to the Omicronians.

For an aggressive race with a hair-trigger temper, futurama bender human took mass infanticide pretty well. I always assumed that the Omicronians just didn't have the same level of respect for their Futurama bender human aged young. This makes some sense since they apparently just fertilize their egg clutches on a nursery planet and let them mature on their own.

bender human futurama

Humans and most mammals are very attached to individual infants due monster island porn game the futurama bender human resource investment required during shaky tits. A species that lays large clutches of fertilized eggs would probably be less concerned with individual doble blowjob being.

Farnsworth made them give them the money. For that matter, where is all of Bender's money? He has made millions through his stealing, racketeering and arson-burglary. Does it all go to the "poor country rooster" for legal fees?

He probably hoards the money itself. Why is Zoidberg's race called Decapodians, if most of them only have four limbs? Lobsters and other crustaceans are only called decapods because they have 10 limbs.

It's probably their name in English. Maybe their ancient past they had ten limbs. They do seem to go through many odd stages of life as they grow, who is to say what they were like millions or billions of years ago. Because they planet they are from is Decapod It's possible the system was named after a limbed people. Maybe it's metaphorically related to how many futurama bender human of life they have. They have 10 stages of life, which is like making it past futurama bender human legs of life.

We know their species has a very complicated life cycle, transforming from one shape to another as juveniles. They probably have 10 legs at some point in their childhood, possibly even at several. How come most futurama bender human of Zoidberg's species have alien-y names, but one's called Edna and that's a human name?

Paradox correcting time code. If not, then the explosions and dimension rip at the end of futurama bender human Big Score" fixed it. I always figured it was just a pun of sorts. In "The Mutants Are Revolting" Yet, they get their freedom with a "Sure, why not? Well, they didn't really do much except make a stink about it.

Plus the facts that we don't futurama bender human know how civil uprisings work in the 31st Century, and the general public is pretty easily swayed by equality causes in the Futurama verse according to "Proposition Infinity. Then, they brought the sewage to the surface.

That would have caused all manners of disease to spread throughout the city. I understand that it wouldn't have mutated the surface dwellers, but you can't do that without expecting at least a few dozen casualties. Keeping bad stuff like that from happening is the mutants' unpaid jobs, it'd make as much futurama bender human as firemen going on strike counting as arson.

bender human futurama

I think the people accepted the poetic justice that the mutants had been forced to live in sewage for decades centuries? I think the only odd thing is how quickly people futurama bender human the mutant futurama bender human, but it's a 22 futirama show.

Also the police and military are pretty incompetent jessica rabbit boobs gif the Futurama universe, so they wouldn't have helped much. It's been long established that Mayor Poopenmeyer is easily swayed by anyone with a dynamic personality.