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Even in the denouement, when we are bzd of assured things will turn out alright; it's like a denouement on a Baf Park episode. In fact, that's something bad santa cartoon can be said about Bad Santa, is that it naruto samui like a work in the vein of Parker and Stone, but since it's from the director of Ghost World it comes off a little fresher, with an appeal bad santa cartoon its own.

I saw the trailers and knew what I was in for when I went to see Bad Santa.

santa cartoon bad

Rude and Crude Santa. I laughed until tears streamed down my face.

cartoon bad santa

There is a lot bad santa cartoon sexual situations and profanity, but you have to look past it. This is not a kiddie movie, but a movie made for adults. Most holiday humor movies are always on the lightside with an eye to yandere facial expressions children market during the holidays.

But at the heart carton it is a small bit of caring by one Bad Santa. Christmas-Reviewer 19 March The story of this film is Willie T.

Soke and his assistant Marcus Skidmore are professional ssanta. bad santa cartoon

Bad Santa 2 Movie Review

Every year, Willie disguises himself as bad santa cartoon department store Santa Claus and Marcus disguises himself as an elf in order sqnta both of them to rob the store at night, using Marcus' wife Lois as their getaway bad santa cartoon and accomplice. Marcus takes his duty as sensual appeal elf seriously, but Willie is a sex-addicted alcoholic, and is gradually snata to perform his Santa duties appropriately with children, plus likewise a diminish in his safe-cracking performance, much to Marcus' dismay.

cartoon bad santa

When they are hired at the Saguaro Square Mall in Phoenix the following year, the vulgar remarks made by Willie shock the prudish bad santa cartoon manager Bob Chipeska, who brings them to the attention of security chief Gin Slagel.

Now this film has had 4 different cuts. This film is funny! Cartoonnetwork porno is mean spirited at times but it bda not trying at all to be a "Politically Correct Hallmark Movie".

Billy Bob Thornton bad santa cartoon very good in the role. However the late John Ritter and Bernie Mac are gold here!

cartoon bad santa

Lauren Tom bad santa cartoon unrecognizable here but she is funny! There is several upsetting images in this film but if you have a funny bone and you want to laugh then watch.

Watch this Anytime of the year. It will make you laugh.

Christmas Miracles

Forget Jimmy Stewart and that claymation crap! If bad santa cartoon like Christmas movies with more of an edge and lots of comedy however, "Bad Santa" might just be your new favorite holiday movie.

In my mind, usurping "A Christmas Story" and "Scrooged" as the funniest holiday movie yet, Bad Santa or BS as I like to call it pulls no punches as it delivers a raunchy, yet funny, and yes, even a little bit of a touching film. Billy Bob Thorton is a drinking, fornicating, defecating thief who freeloads for bad santa cartoon whole year, only to work 25 days in December while robbing a mall of all it's holiday proceeds.

His partner in crime is Tony Cox, Santa's little person helper who keeps him sober and lucid enough through the season to not royally screw bad santa cartoon up. I won't go into details, because frankly the plot needs work. But the acting is superb, the script hysterical, did paris hilton do porn the unbelievable jokes and inappropriate situations are just so entertaining you won't care about anything else.

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Bernie Mac and Lauren Graham deliver polished supporting roles, as does John Bad santa cartoon badd his final film role before his death. The kid doesn't have many lines and I want to slap him for the ones he does deliver bad santa cartoon, but just looking cartpon him makes me laugh, so I can't complain there.

A great movie because of it? But a funny and entertaining one? Typically, around Christmas you will find yourself watching a generic, feel-good, moralistic "Christmas movie", Bad Santa is the "reversed" ahsoka tano porn game of the Christmas genre.

santa cartoon bad

No, Bad Santa is not It's a Wonderful Life, Bad santa cartoon on 34th Street and nor is it Home Alone, yet it still incorporates bad santa cartoon from hentai threesome porn of those films and cartoom is what makes it such a special take on the Winter holiday.

Willie played by Billy Bob Thornton is a perverted, alcoholic, part-time conman, who during the Christmas season indolently works in shopping malls with his fellow criminal in disguise, Marcus Tony Waptrickcom games. Willie dresses as Santa, while Marcus the more professional of the pair acts the elf, due to his height.

Throughout the tedious Christmas period, the pair use their job at the mall to exploit the opportunity to rob the store overnight. While working at a mall in Arizona, Willie bad santa cartoon a child who teaches him the meaning carroon Christmas, whilst falling in love with an attractive waitress and having law-enforcement hot on his trail.

santa cartoon bad

When a film starts off with a bae in bad santa cartoon Santa outfit, sitting at a bad santa cartoon, drinking bwd life away you know you are not watching your average tale of "good tidings". From the crude opening narration, to the wonderfully inflated finale, Bad Santa gamecore xxx a taste of comedic genius. Billy Bob Thornton performs as a crude, dishonest cynic who hates everyone and everything. Bringing comedic energy and offensive characteristics to his character he impeccably balances the grumpy scrooge of Christmas with heart.

santa cartoon bad

Through its witty script, fuelled by grumpy, drunken humour it is almost impossible not to become entranced by the inconsiderate lines of raucous profanity. Director, Cwrtoon Zwigoff proves bad santa cartoon watch free hentai online talent once again, after the success of santx Ghost World.

Bad Santa is comedic bliss bad santa cartoon a highly recommended comedy for fans of something a little more extreme than the average, feel-good Hollywood extravaganza.

He drinks and smokes and pukes and wets his pants and has sex in public places. He has a horrible attitude, a trash mouth, is mean to little kids, hates himself, and robs department stores.

santa cartoon bad

Ok, so he's christies room cheater all bad, bad santa cartoon he is without a doubt the worst department store Santa ever. A mildly creative love it or hate it flick which tries as hard to be disgusting as funny, "Bad Santa" has, for obvious reasons, received mixed reviews.

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Only for the thick skinned batman harley quinn naked aren't easily offended by bad language, bad attitudes, or bad, bad Santas. Well, I think this movie is just brilliant. It has comedy obviously, but it is also sexy, dramatic, suspenseful, and great. The message behind the whole movie wasn't a joke. It was that Christmas shouldn't be about the commercialism.

This was symbolized in many areas through the film, one being the pink elephant. Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie, go see it, its one of my new favorites. Also, if you liked John Ritter, you should probably go see this, because it was the last film he bad santa cartoon in.

His acting was wonderful, as was everyone else's. There's even a guy that used to be on Mad Bad santa cartoon that did pretty well.

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So, in conclusion, just watch the movie if you haven't already. Yes onli for kids. Horny Girl It is in fact, the bastard child of all of the above However, since most comments caartoon from perpetual whiners, the good folk at G.

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Bad Santa 2, wasn't a bad movie, maybe I was just spoiled by the pure genius of the first wanta, but I really didn't think it was anything more than your ordinary run of the mill comedy. There is nothing extraordinary about this one, sorry folks.

LeZee Bad santa cartoon 15, The return of the bad Santa! I did not expect this bav, especially not after cartono years.

Even the first film bad santa cartoon been just a good for me. I won't say it was an unnecessary follow xxx games no sign up. They retained main cast, well, only lead two plus the boy who bad santa cartoon now in his early 20s. A similar pattern The return of the bad Santa! A similar pattern storyline. If you have already seen the previous one, you would know what to expect from it, but not how much and that was the main issue with this.

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So anyone would predict the scenes, as well as the twist. Like most of the sequels, it indeed weakened. Though somewhat enjoyable for the good performances.

cartoon bad santa

That's another advantage for the grownup audience. But if you aren't a fan of that thematic, then it hypnotised fuck even worse than what it's rated everywhere. The length was good, a simple gad, yet fartoon characters had not seriously developed, particularly the new ones. The big excuse was it is a comedy film. They all just came in and straight away displayed whatever they were up to as if we knew them very well.

Despite an average film, it can be watched once, even if you liked or not the super mario bros xxx part. And it is mainly because of Billy Bob Thornton. KaptenVideo Dec 25, The year eanta me two bad santa cartoon my favorite christmas comedies of all time, "Bad Santa" and "Elf". Still love them dearly but this year it's time to experience "Bad Santa 2" where the binge-drinking self-hating good-for-nothing lowlife bad santa cartoon by Billy Bob Thornton is ready to don Santa's The year gave me two of my favorite christmas comedies of all time, "Bad Santa" and bad santa cartoon.

Still love them dearly but this year it's time to experience "Bad Santa 2" where the binge-drinking self-hating good-for-nothing lowlife played by Billy Bob Thornton is ready to don Santa's costume again because there still money to be stolen and the world to be hated upon.

The new face is Ssanta Bates as his mother who looks pretty cool with cheap tattoos and all the trailerpark charm cartoln can eat with your eyes.

But her role is pretty boring and one-note relying heavily on swearing all the time, which also sums up the bad santa cartoon movie pretty accurately.

santa cartoon bad

The problem with "Bad Santa 2" is that it lacks all the atmosphere, heart, flow and sense of style the first part has.