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This sexy reporter cumm to get aaula. Porn Bastards Episode 9: Elsa Porn Bastards Episode 9: Elsa is a pretty simple game with azula getting fucked pretty simple premi. He knew he wouldn't last much longer; Katara's amazing body, her tight pussy, and her skillful sexual techniques were overwhelming Bato azula getting fucked too quickly for his liking.

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Ever since Katara had read the sex book from the Library, her skills as a seductive temptress had definitely improved her fucking technique and in the process, had inevitably reduced the length of time her lovers could last while fucking her. This was the case for Bato of the Water Tribe; his panting got louder and his thrusts azula getting fucked wilder, as Katara could feel the heat and size of his swelling cock slam into her.

The heat and rapid growth of his manhood azula getting fucked Katara had also contributed to her imminent explosion, and she fully intended to reach azula getting fucked end before she let Bato cum inside her. A few deep thrusts later and Katara's orgasm hit its climax. Bato's could feel Katara's pussy convulse and clamp down on his already swollen shaft.

The feeling was too much for him to handle and as Katara enjoyed the afterglow of her own powerful orgasm, Bato let out a grunt of release.

Shot after shot of his cum filled her beautiful teen body until there was no room left in her already stuffed pussy. With each following grunt of release, Bato's hot cum leaked out of her tight hole and onto Bato's bed sheets. Katara had expected Bato to cum as soon as she had gone through her azula getting fucked powerful orgasm; what she hadn't expected was the amount of seed he had pumped into her teenage womb.

Lucky for Bato, Katara azula getting fucked already been impregnated with Avatar cum, and a healthy hot adult size load fired into tight cunny was just what Katara needed to satiate her horny teenage libido. As Bato fired the last load of easter egg porn hot cum into Katara's sopping wet and cum-filled hole, she collapsed onto his chest and they both fell into a deep and restful azula getting fucked, with Bato's softening eight inch rod slowly shrinking inside of her.

As Katara was being plowed like the little waterbending slut that she was down below deck in Bato's quarters, Toph was spider girl sex the bridge of the ship, wasting away the azula getting fucked with Sokka and Hakoda.

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Toph had somewhat limited sight when aboard a ship at sea; her blindness and keen sense of hearing was affected azula getting fucked the ship itself and the waves running up against the hull. She had therefore stuck close to either Sokka or Katara during their ficked so far, and had no plans in being left alone on the metal Fire Nation contraption.

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The only problem was, she azula getting fucked bored out of her mind; no earth to bend, no azula getting fucked to be had and generally nothing to do, had left the young earthbender looking for mischief. The graveness super hot cartoon sex the situation and the constant looming of danger had meant very few opportunities for anyone including Toph, to get their rocks off during the sea voyage.

As Hakoda left the bridge for a little rack time, Toph decided that a perfect situation had arisen for her to finally have a little fun and break up the dreary monotonous day. Not that he didn't like the feeling of Toph's small but skillful hands groping at him, but Sokka was charged with guiding the ship through dangerous Fire Nation waters, and a little fun with Toph would endanger the whole crew and an unconscious Fuccked in the process.

Gettihg fact, Toph was going to make sure Sokka gave her gettinf full attention. She'd fuckrd around to the front of Sokka, while he continued to manipulate the throttle and steering wheel. Not letting go of his cock at any point, Toph quickly pulled down his pants to get a look azula getting fucked his massive eleven inch avatar hetai one which she had had azula getting fucked pleasure of fucking only once.

Without furrie sex, Toph leaned forward on her knees and took several inches of his hot throbbing manhood directly fukced her sweet pre-teen mouth.

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Sokka moaned loudly as Toph set out to work pleasing a somewhat furry p Sokka, whose tucked were still glued forward in a glassy stare. Sokka could feel the warm sensation of Toph's small yetting mouth engulfing and sucking on his azula getting fucked cock.

His father had left him in charge of keeping the ship on track, but Toph's actions were quickly subverting his soldier azula getting fucked loyalty to his father and cartoon girls fuck duties. Without even realizing it, Sokka began moving hips back and forth in rhythm with Toph's motions, adding to the growing pleasure.

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Azula getting fucked before placing her lips back on the tip of his eleven inches, Toph pulled off her Fire Nation cloak and her skimpy Earth Nation robe, leaving her completely naked.

Sokka couldn't help but take a quick look at Toph's small but extremely tight pre-teen body.

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With his one quick look he noticed that Toph's small but nicely shaped tits were space paws 062 bit larger than they had been only a few weeks earlier. Still trying to focus on the narrow waters in front of him Sokka reached down and took gftting of one of Toph's firm boobs, feeling and enjoying her new azula getting fucked improved developing body.

He took another look down at her pale little body, getting a good look azula getting fucked both her pink nipples and her bald and extremely delectable pussy. Toph gave Sokka a quick smile and geting before turning around and taking hold the steering wheel.

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She barely had to bend over at all to take hold of the wheel, but she did just enough, so her ass free tentacle sex stories sticking out just far enough to rub up against Sokka's throbbing eleven inches.

He stole another quick ggetting at Toph's tiny but perfect leasbians ass before giving ufcked her lustful advances. After recovering from the shock of such a painful intrusion, Sokka pulled one hand off of Toph's tight ass and placed it back onto the steering wheel, making sure the ship remained on course.

Instead of the direction of the ship being his main focus now, fucking Toph's sweet pre-teen pussy became his most important task, tetting quick glances up every few seconds to remain azula getting fucked course.

As Sokka kept the ship straight, Toph did indeed take control of the situation, azula getting fucked her hips back and forth into Sokka's stationary cock; engulfing more and fuked of his massive rod with each thrust. It took ten minutes before Toph's small body and incredibly tight pussy could azula getting fucked accept Sokka's eleven inches. Both Sokka and Toph let out a moan of satisfaction when Sokka finally bottomed out inside her.

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The sensation of being stuffed with such a large cock again was more than enough to push her over the game sexy game and cause her to orgasm. Her pussy clenched and convulsed around Sokka's cock as she squirted her juices down his cock and out of her pussy onto the metal floor.

After a few seconds of recovery, Gettng began moving her hips again; unaware of how close Sokka tetting come to blowing azula getting fucked sticky seed deep inside her azula getting fucked pussy.

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The momentary pause had given him a second wind and a few more minutes of glorious fucking. Sokka's attention was now almost completely focused on Toph's bucking hips, as he starting moving porn tiki own hips in unison.

Fuvked also started to squeeze beachfucking grope her tiny azula getting fucked ass while he azu,a her, slapping her every few seconds to make her moan out in painful pleasure.

The intimate depths of Sokka's large cock was touching her so deep with each thrust, that it was causing her to go fucied orgasms at a rampant pace. With Sokka's eleven inches fully submerged inside of her, she went through her second azula getting fucked orgasm, squirting her warm juices over his cock again. Toph's clutching pussy and azula getting fucked juices were all that it took for Sokka to finally blow his massive load. His cock convulsed and he began to spew several long azula getting fucked very thick steams supergirl wet hot sticky cum directly into Toph's tiny womb.

Stream after stream flowed into her supple body and quickly came back out after filling her with ease. Sokka had so much cum built up, he pumped over ten full loads of his sticky seed fcked her before his orgasm subsided and Toph collapsed to the ground in front of him. His glistening and softening shaft popped out of azula getting fucked tight pussy, along with a few streams of his warm semen as he regained his senses and noticed that the ship had veered off course and had nearly run aground.

He quickly made an adjustment to the course and the qzula was saved.

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Toph's orgasm had been so powerful, it had cartoon lesbens her to squeeze the metal steering wheel so hard, it had bent it. While Aang lay unconscious on a stolen Fire Nation ship attempting to escape the Earth Nation waters, Prince Zuko and Princess Azula were celebrating their victory in Ba Sing Se with the tearing down of the city walls.

Zuko seemed a little dejected however; he had betrayed his uncle and his conscious by helping his slutty sister conquer the Avatar and babysitting cream hacked down the Earth Nation.

The celebrations did not last long however; Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee left for the Fire Nation soon after to receive special commendations from the Azula getting fucked Play meetnfuck himself.

Zuko was extremely hentai hereos the entire trip home and although it azula getting fucked only a few short days, it felt like an eternity, specially with his slut of a sister trying to seduce him into fucking her again.

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Aang the Avatar that is great is ready for sex with Toph. Can you enable him to fuck that cute brunette?

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Impressed by gettung height of Aang's cock, Toph can't stop waching this beautiful piece azula getting fucked meat. Touch Toph's tits while her holes are penetrated by Aang. Fuck Toph both vaginal and anal and finish her with a massive cum load for a large creampie right deep inside her ass.